Rachel Bhattacharya

Rachel Bhattacharya

Rachel Bhattacharya


Director of Corporate Finance and Former Chief Growth Officer, Maven, General Motors

As Director of Corporate Finance for Strategic Initiatives, Investor Relations for General Motors, Rachel Bhattacharya is responsible for articulating General Motors’ new mobility strategies around EV, AV, and shared mobility, to drive investor insights into the company’s future value.

Previously, Rachel served as Chief Growth Officer for Maven and oversaw the company’s business-to-business operations, including the launch of Maven Gig.

In addition to managing existing program operations, Rachel and her team focused on optimizing services for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the only electric vehicle with enough range for ridesharing and delivery. As GM and other automakers prepare for an autonomous future, she also focused on using Maven’s commercial offerings as a method to pave the way for autonomous fleet operations.

Rachel describes herself as “not a car person, but a mobility person.” Embodying an entrepreneurial spirit, she focuses on sustainability and cultural improvements on a large scale. She has a passion for revitalizing cities and urban centers, and bringing transportation solutions to areas where options are limited. She sees Maven a critical enabler to round out GM’s product and service portfolio.

Prior to Maven, Rachel worked in Strategy on GM’s Corporate Development and Global M&A team.  Rachel joined GM from a position at Starbucks in Global Corporate Strategy, coming from a prior consulting role with Bain & Company. She received her BA in Architectural Studies and minored in Urban Planning at the University of Washington. She received her MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—Kenan Flagler Business School.

Outside of work, Rachel is interested in design, specifically small space architectural design and jewelry design. These interests come second to her young son.